Preventive Care

Keeping Your Skin Healthy and Beautiful As You Near Middle Age

01/11/2018 06:00am | 98 views

Teenagers and young adults tend to take the health of their skin for granted. It is common for young people to engage in activities that adults warn them are not good for their skin, such as tanning under artificial lights or refusing to wear sunscreen. Now that you're getting closer to middle age, you're probably more worried about how your skin will look and feel as you continue to age. Even though you may have made some mistakes when you were younger, it isn't too late to start supporting the overall health of your skin.

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5 Snacks to Enjoy (and 5 to Avoid)

16/10/2018 06:00am | 215 views

By Amy Capetta

We all snack. But some snacks are better than others, especially if you’re managing type 2 diabetes or obesity.

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3 Easy Healthy Fall Salad Recipes

20/09/2018 10:39am | 340 views

Today I'm sharing 3 easy and healthy fall salad recipes inspired by LiteHouse Organic Dressings who are sponsoring this video. 

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6 Light-Yet-Satisfying Summer Soups

22/08/2018 06:00am | 643 views

By Jennifer Segal





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Finance & Family

17 Back to School Clothes Shopping Tips to Save Money on Kids

14/08/2018 06:00am | 819 views

By Casey Slide

It’s that time again. It’s time to get your kids ready to go back to school by purchasing paper, pencils, and crayons. School supplies can cost a fortune; unfortunately, back to school clothes shopping costs even more.

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