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Motivate young Hispanic professionals and students from the community

Mentoring with HHL

By becoming a mentor on the Healthy Hispanic Living (HHL) Career Center, you can motivate job applicants to pursue a successful career in the healthcare industry. To most effectively engage with users on the HHL Career Center, all it takes is a desire to volunteer your time and an ongoing commitment to mentoring young Hispanic professionals and students from the community.

Mentoring activities supported by HHL Career Center include: publishing articles and posting videos that feature your subject matter expertise to inspire Hispanic job seekers; answering user comments regarding your published articles to propel engagement; having meaningful conversations with users in private chatroom sessions; and posting customized event notifications to attract potential mentees and top Hispanic talent.

As an HHL Career Center mentor:

1. Access to CHL Certification Courseware

Commitment to mentorship earns you access to CHL Academy Online Certification courseware: for every 5 new mentors you recruit or 20 unique users who follow you, you will receive 60 days of complimentary access.

2. Personal Branding

Create your own mentor profile with a personalized URL that you can share with other industry influencers and on social media.

3. Online Exposure

Enjoy opportunities to feature your subject matter expertise, published articles and career achievements, build your professional network, and promote your employer.

Contact Sandy Sickler at to learn more about being a sponsor partner, how to post jobs, participate as a mentor and be a content contributor

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Hispanic Students & Professionals:

They represent the future of the workforce. By 2020, Hispanics are estimated to represented 75% of Labor Force growth.