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Keeping Your Skin Healthy and Beautiful As You Near Middle Age

11/01/2018 06:00AM | 7158 views

Teenagers and young adults tend to take the health of their skin for granted. It is common for young people to engage in activities that adults warn them are not good for their skin, such as tanning under artificial lights or refusing to wear sunscreen. Now that you're getting closer to middle age, you're probably more worried about how your skin will look and feel as you continue to age. Even though you may have made some mistakes when you were younger, it isn't too late to start supporting the overall health of your skin.

Start Wearing Sunscreen Consistently

One of the most important steps you can take to protecting your skin as you age is investing in a good sunscreen and following directions closely. This is particularly important for people who work outdoors or who spend a lot of time outside for exercise or recreational reasons. You can still get a healthy tan color without eschewing protection from the sun. 

Generally speaking, you want an SPF of at least 15 or higher applied 20 minutes before solar exposure. That includes sun exposure while riding or driving in a car. Depending on the sunscreen you use, you will need to reapply it every 60 to 90 minutes. Set a reminder on your phone or watch and remain diligent in protecting your skin. Sunburns don't just feel uncomfortable. They also increase your risk of skin cancer and make you get wrinkled earlier in life.

Moisturization and Healthy Eating Also Protect Your Skin

As you age, it becomes more difficult for your skin to retain moisture. That means it is more important than ever to stick with a daily moisturizing regimen. Even men can benefit from slathering on some lotion once a day and after every shower. Use a lotion that is free from dyes and fragrances.  Ideally, your lotion will contain moisture-enhancing ingredients, like shea butter. You want to apply it all over your body, not just your hands and face, every day. Give yourself a few minutes to absorb the moisture before you get dressed.

You also need to be more aware of what you put into your body. Avoid unhealthy, processed food, as well as alcohol if you want to keep a youthful glow. Getting enough fluids by drinking adequate water is important. You should also take steps to ensure that you get adequate fats and vitamin A in your diet. Protein and probiotics, such as yogurt or fermented foods, can also help improve the health of your skin.

Keeping your skin healthy as a life-long necessity. You can take steps now to reduce the effects of damage from your Youth and prevent future damage. Avoiding Sunburn and engaging in self-care can decrease your risk of skin cancer and keep you looking younger for longer.

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