Career Management

Doctors and Nurses, Not Learning Together

28/07/2016 09:50am | 7599 views

There are few group projects in medical school — which is strange when you considerthat there are few solo practitioners in the real world.


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TX Councilman Rey Saldaña Helps 1st-Gen Latino Students Like Him

30/06/2016 10:13am | 7186 views

Higher education changed the life of San Antonio, Texas, councilman Rey Saldaña, 28. Now the legislator is helping the next generation, working with the same organization that helped make college a reality for him.


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Flaunt Your Fluency

29/06/2016 12:13pm | 6344 views

Are you bilingual or multilingual? Whether English is your first or second language, your linguistic skills make you valuable in the workforce. In fact, companies that recognize and reward such abilities with extra pay tend to have better retention and satisfaction rates among workers than companies that remain neutral. If your employer falls into the latter group, don't be shy about demonstrating the benefits of your multicultural background.

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Ramon Diaz Shares Career Advice – from His Role as Both Mentee and Mentor

28/05/2016 06:00am | 8057 views

Written By Michael O'Neill

Ramon Diaz’s journey has led him to his current role as financial analyst at City of Hope. For those on a similar path, he advises them to keep abreast of healthcare reform laws, which are always changing but crucial to know. Not only did his knowledge in this area help him decide on a new career path, but it enabled him to understand the reasons why and where City of Hope is growing in the community. Beyond the main campus in Duarte, CA, City of Hope is expanding with community practices in different locations, such as Colton, Lancaster and West Covina.

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Why Some Students Are Ditching America for Medical School in Cuba

24/06/2016 02:53pm | 7699 views

hen Sarpoma Sefa-Boakye, who grew up in southern California and went to UCLA, heard she could go to medical school in Cuba, she thought it must be a joke. Not that it existed—she met Cuban doctors while studying abroad in Ghana, so she knew about the country’s robust healthcare system. What was unbelievable was the cost.

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