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How to Align and Connect to Your Organization

09/22/2020 06:00AM | 2594 views

Over the years I found the best route to a cohesive alignment with an organization is finding similarities between your personal experiences and behaviors with the values of the organization. These similarities are behaviors, beliefs and thoughts of the world that you build during your upbringing. Think about the people you look up to, have observed and learned from. At the time it may not have seemed the case but as you set out into the world you realize you are an amalgamation of the people you looked up to. That mixture makes you unique and although you can trace a behavior to one person, how you interpret it is all you. 

What they do for a living, for sport or for family, the people we admire, observe and learn from have a lasting impact. Reflect on your childhood or your early work life to find dozens of instances of an impact to your behaviors and beliefs. My early life was impacted by my parent’s artisan abilities. If you were a talented oboe or clarinet player, there’s a good chance you owned an instrument my dad helped produce. There was no mass production cookie cutter approach there. Watching the process and observing my dad earned my respect for this highly skilled, handmade process and craft. At World Market, the organization prides itself in its artisanal, hand crafted products sourced from around the world. 

At World Market I have found similarities between the core values within the organization that resonate with what I am all about. The stronger the similarities the stronger the bond and alignment with the organization. Conversely if you can’t find any common links creating alignment becomes difficult. If you wondered why so many companies have road maps, vision and mission statements look no further as to why. What better way to create alignment with the people you wish to inspire and motivate. Every so often I find a new common thread with me and my organization’s beliefs. The connection becomes stronger, the loyalty more powerful. Ultimately the need to drive the beliefs throughout the entire organization and become an agent of change is the sign of a solid alignment.

World Market’s mission is to inspire people by being unique, multicultural and passionate. One of the many similarities in what we both believe in. Work is fun. Work is satisfying. It’s where I want to be. This is what a solid alignment of values and beliefs do for me.  

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