What are The Most Effective Ways to Network and Meet The Right People?

11/30/2015 06:17PM | 8429 views

Your success in the workplace is linked to your collaborations with other people. You must therefore know who will help and who will hinder your relevancy and sustainability in the workplace – so that you can effectively network with the right people. As such, there are four primary types of people (characters) you must identify that will tell you if you’re moving in the right or the wrong direction – the former being the Leaders and Lifters; the latter being the Loafers and Leeches.

1. The Leader

The leader is the one who holds the most sway in the room.

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2. The Lifter

The lifter is a leader in the making.

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3. The Loafer

The loafer is one you must avoid.

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4. The Leech

The leech can be difficult to spot because he is typically agreeable and excitable.

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