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What I do

I help bring our Company mission and vision to life. I work hard to represent my organization’s core values to my customers, employees and business partners.

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Why I do it

I get to set an example for my friends and family of what it’s like to do what you love.

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My Big Career Moment

Leading my teams through important Company initiatives while welcoming the challenge and opportunity.

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How to Align and Connect to Your Organization

22/09/2020 06:00am | 2602 views

Over the years I found the best route to a cohesive alignment with an organization is finding similarities between your personal experiences and behaviors with the values of the organization. These similarities are behaviors, beliefs and thoughts of the world that you build during your upbringing. Think about the people you look up to, have observed and learned from. At the time it may not have seemed the case but as you set out into the world you realize you are an amalgamation of the people you looked up to. That mixture makes you unique and although you can trace a behavior to one person, how you interpret it is all you. 

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About the mentor

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Jesus Rivera

Area Manager
Cost Plus World Market

As an area manager at Cost Plus World Market, Jesus Rivera manages teams in 6 stores across 3 states to navigate the challenges of the current retail environment.

Jesus earned his bachelor’s degree from Manhattan College in New York City and has over 30 years of business management experience.