What are the benefits of having a mentor (who will tell you what others won’t)?

12/02/2015 11:04PM | 8199 views

Mentorship is a hot topic these days – as people seek guidance about how to find success, but also significance, in their careers. Times are tough, with no real horizon in sight, and people want to minimize their risk – so they seek seasoned mentors that can provide them objective perspectives. People want more certainty in their careers during a time in which certainty is hard to come by. A mentor can guide and make recommendations based on their past experiences and accrued wisdom – and help others by giving them the tools and resources to conquer the future with confidence, fearlessness and perseverance. They can’t predict your future or guarantee anything, but they can help you create a platform for launching your own legacy. But first, they have to tell you some things about your future that others aren’t telling you – and that you might not want to hear.

1. You Will Fail…Frequently

Career management can be a roller coaster of misfortune.

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2. Nothing is Certain

This is one of those lessons you wish you knew at the beginning of your career.

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3. People Will Disappoint You...Often

Realizing that people will disappoint you often is a harsh reality.

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4. You Are On Your Own

You will soon realize that the success is in your hands only.

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5. Wisdom is Earned

You are not like anyone else.

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