When do you know that a mentor is good for you?

12/02/2015 10:18PM | 8042 views

Economic uncertainties fuel an unstable job market and create an unsettling environment in the workplace. The lack of transparency, internal politics, the growing number of siloed departments and hidden agendas have made it more difficult to trust yourself, let alone others – which makes it more difficult to know when a mentor is good for you. What appears to be an endless path of disorganized chaos is now “the new normal.” As such, we must become mentally tough and learn to anticipate the unexpected. Employees must approach the workplace through a lens that can detect the potholes of distrust while staying focused on seeing and seizing the next opportunity. Finding the right formula for knowing when your mentor is good for you can be subjective and has a lot to do with the engagement of specific personality types and how they mesh in certain circumstances. 

1. Transparent Communicator

Mentors who are transparent communicators make it easier for their mentees to most effectively listen, learn and minimize mistakes.

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2. Embraces Unconditional Feedback

Mentors are still looking to grow and mature in their own work.

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3. Empowers People

Mentors want others to succeed and will empower people to take action and to be themselves.

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4. Focuses on Creating Leaders, Not Followers

The mentor you can trust has your best interests at heart and wants you to be successful.

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5. They Invest in the Relationship With Consistent Behavior

A good mentor will make the commitment to invest in the relationship with you for the long-term.

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