Career Management

A Career in Nursing Can Lead Anywhere, Including Dean

30/01/2017 10:36am | 7501 views

Written By Michael O'Neill

As a profession, as a school, we are committed to our work with vulnerable populations. That extends to the issue of diversity – in our student body, in our workforce, in our faculty. Whether we’re talking about minorities in general or Latinos in particular, there is a persistent gap in nursing that must be addressed by diversifying the workforce – at all levels.

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Can Millennial Latinos Fill Workforce Void as Baby Boomers Retire?

29/11/2016 01:42am | 6727 views


Changing demographics will create potential opportunities for Latino workers in the future – but only if Latinos can boost their educational attainment and surmount barriers to career readiness. 

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What I've Learned: Public Health Is Building Block for Latinos

28/10/2016 12:00pm | 7023 views

Jacqueline Martinez Garcel is a leader in philanthropy and expert in public health and policy. Last fall she was appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Latino Community Foundation.

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Graduate Medical Education For The 21st Century

23/10/2016 06:00am | 6884 views

While Latinos comprise 36 percent of the current population in California, only 5 percent of graduate medical education (GME) residents are Latinos.

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Career Resources: Essential to Student Recruitment and Retention

20/10/2016 01:38pm | 6848 views

As students head to college this fall, the world of work might seem a distant prospect, yet for the most recent graduating class, getting a job has been their summer’s task. According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), the size of this year’s college graduating class could be as high as 20.8 million new job seekers, many of whom have spent their summer looking for a foothold into the job market.

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