Career Management

University of Texas Rio Grande Valley: Producing a Predominately Mexican-American Nursing Workforce in South Texas for More Than 40 Years

20/02/2017 06:00am | 7207 views

As the U.S. Hispanic population’s growth spurt continues, healthcare organizations increasingly ponder how they’ll attract much-needed “culturally competent” staff, especially when Hispanics remain so underrepresented across most healthcare careers.

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Rich Students Go to Graduate School to Get Richer

17/02/2017 06:00am | 6654 views

By Mikhail Zinshteyn, The Atlantic

More Americans are pursuing graduate degrees, but students from wealthier backgrounds are most likely to earn the degrees that pay the most, a new report published by the Urban Institute shows.

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Nursing internship program at UTEP a win-win for hospitals and students

13/02/2017 06:00am | 7714 views

New nursing school graduates often face a steep climb in their first hospital jobs. To fully ready themselves for those positions, they typically must “shadow” an experienced RN for up to 18 weeks. That means more preparation time for novice nurses, and a hefty expense for healthcare organizations.

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UC Davis CAMPOS Program Working to Attract and Support Latinas in STEM Careers

07/02/2017 06:00am | 6286 views

What can universities do to motivate a generation of young Latinas to pursue STEM careers?

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Record Number Apply to University of CA, Latinos Are Highest Share

01/02/2017 06:00am | 6449 views

A record number of young people applied to the competitive University of California system, with Latinos seeing the largest share of applicants.

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