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Some OB/GYN Issues Can't Wait Until After COVID-19

09/06/2020 06:00am | 2706 views

I've often wished I could work from home, but as an OB/GYN I would giggle at the impossibility of doing pap smears and delivering babies remotely. Fast forward to the global pandemic of 2020, where each day before I leave for work, I make sure my tablet is fully charged because about half of my visits each day are done by telehealth. As we all carefully ration each excursion outside our home, it's challenging  to know what  types of gynecological concerns warrant an office visit, which can be discussed on telehealth, and what issues can really wait until life gets a little more back to normal.

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FAQ on Food and COVID-19: Answers From a Nutritionist

05/06/2020 06:00am | 3796 views


As much as people are feeling worry and fear about COVID-19, they’re also experiencing  confusion – particularly over what’s safe and what’s not and how to navigate this new-normal. That goes for food too. Here are some of the biggest questions I’m hearing about food and some science-backed answers:

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WebMD Covid-19 Updates

04/06/2020 06:00am | 3342 views

The poll, conducted online May 18-21, asked 505 K-12 teachers about several concerns regarding the coronavirus pandemic, distance learning, and schools reopening.

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The Power of Hand-Washing to Prevent Coronavirus

18/03/2020 06:00am | 6320 views


The single most important piece of advice health experts can give to help us stay safe from COVID-19 is this one: Wash your hands.

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What Is Ulcerative Colitis

06/04/2019 06:00am | 4647 views

Reviewed by Minesh Khatri, MD

Ulcerative colitis (UC) is a disease that affects your large intestine, or colon. It causes irritation and swelling called inflammation. Eventually that leads to sores called ulcers in the lining there.

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