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Lost in Translation: Language Barriers Hinder Vaccine Access

17/07/2021 06:00am | 2125 views

April 23, 2021 -- the Virginia Department of Health website in January reassured English-speaking readers that the COVID-19 vaccine "will not be required for Virginians."

But the Spanish-language translation, through a Google Translate widget at the top of the page, said something else: The vaccine "no sera necesario," or "won't be necessary."

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Doctors Worry About COVID's Effects on Hispanics

24/08/2020 06:00am | 2997 views

By Margarita Martin-Hidalgo Birnbaum

There may be worrisome health trends coming for some U.S. Hispanic adults who get COVID-19.

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When Should I Get Tested for COVID-19?

05/08/2020 06:00am | 2580 views

When we first started hearing about COVID-19 in the U.S., the symptoms of the virus – and thus, the criteria for testing – seemed pretty straightforward: If you have a fever and a cough, get tested (if your doctor has access to a test). But as doctors and researchers learned more about the virus (and more people were tested and diagnosed), it became clear that the symptoms were not so straightforward– and sometimes not present at all. So, now that there’s a laundry list of “maybe” symptoms, how do you know when to get tested?

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Sleeping In on Weekends Won't Erase Your 'Sleep Debt'

21/07/2020 06:00am | 3155 views

For those who try to catch up on lost sleep during the weekend, French researchers have some bad news: Once Saturday and Sunday have come and gone, many will find they're still seriously short on sleep.



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Hispanic Americans Being Hit Hard By COVID-19

19/07/2020 06:00am | 2568 views

By Amy Norton/HealthDay Reporter

COVID-19 is being diagnosed in Hispanic communities at a disproportionately high rate, a new study of the Baltimore-Washington, D.C., area shows.

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