Nourishing Self Care


3 Superfoods To Boost Traditional Hispanic Garnishes

29/06/2018 06:00am | 7576 views

The rise in sales of superfoods across America is exponential and astounding; with some of the most popular foods such as quinoa and kale going up by 15% in the last year alone. The US is finding new ways every day to incorporate some of the world's healthiest and most nutritious foods intotheir traditional meals, but which ones are easy additions to classic South American cuisine? Here are three superfoods with some of the biggest health boosts around, which can all be incorporated into traditional Hispanicgarnishes hassle-free.

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A Trainer's Guide to the Best (and Most Fun!) Summertime Workouts

20/06/2018 06:00am | 6409 views

Here are five workouts that are distinctly Summer and that you should start fantasizing about now!

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Preventive Care

5 Different Ways to Prevent Skin Cancer

14/06/2018 06:00am | 5530 views

Skin cancer can be prevented if the right steps are taken to prevent it. People who have genetic disorders, or are prone to the risk factors that skin cancer presents will want to take caution in their life to avoid getting skin cancer. There are many ways a person can prevent skin cancer from ever occurring in their everyday life. You are avoiding medical bills and emotional stress by preventing skin cancer from ever beginning. Most skin cancers are easily prevented, and the measures that need to be taken are actually quite easy. Making small lifestyle changes is a much better option than getting skin cancer. Below are just five of the many simple ways a person can prevent skin cancer from every occurring in their body.

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8 Healthy Summer Foods to Add to Your Diet

30/05/2018 06:00am | 7395 views

By Brierley Wright 

It’s summer—that amazing time of year when fresh produce abounds. As a dietitian and nutrition editor I love that there’s an abundance of fresh, delicious and healthy choices. Better yet: many of summer’s fruits and vegetables are brimming with secret health benefits. Here are some of my favorites and why they’re a particularly good choice in the summer—as reported on in EatingWell Magazine.


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6 Infused Water Recipes to Sip on this Spring

04/05/2018 06:00am | 7542 views

by Lauren Machalany


It seems like the answer to every health problem is, "drink more water!". It's no lie that water is the key to achieving clear skin, weight loss, and so many other health goals that we set for ourselves. However, water is, well, water, and it can get a bit tasteless after a while. So, instead of chugging the same old agua, switch things up with these fresh and fun infused water recipes! These yummy variations of your everyday water are not only delicious and very Insta-worthy, but they add a ton of hidden health benefits you probably didn't know you could drink! Check them out below!

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