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3 Superfoods To Boost Traditional Hispanic Garnishes

06/29/2018 06:00AM | 7915 views

The rise in sales of superfoods across America is exponential and astounding; with some of the most popular foods such as quinoa and kale going up by 15% in the last year alone. The US is finding new ways every day to incorporate some of the world's healthiest and most nutritious foods intotheir traditional meals, but which ones are easy additions to classic South American cuisine? Here are three superfoods with some of the biggest health boosts around, which can all be incorporated into traditional Hispanicgarnishes hassle-free.

The Detoxifier: Cilantro

Cilantro is already a staple ingredient when topping your favorite traditionalmeals, and with its amazing health benefits, it definitely wouldn't hurt toincorporate it into your sides where possible. One of the oldest herbs in history, this superfood is great for our body as it lowers blood sugar, lowers cholesterol, increases insulin, and is a source of magnesium and iron. But it's most famed for its detoxifying qualities. It's antiviral, improves antioxidant functions and cleanses our bodies of toxic metals.

A good way of incorporating a greater amount of cilantro into classic Hispanic meals would be to substitute plain white rice with cilantro and lime brown rice. Simply boil the nutritious brown rice as you normally would, blitz a generous bunch of the herbs and a squeeze of half a lemon in a food processor - then combine! The zesty flavor complements Spanish and South American flavors perfectly, and provides amazing added health benefits toan otherwise lacking bowl of rice.

The Anti-Inflammatory: Broccoli Sprouts

Recently emerging as the latest health craze, broccoli sprouts are the next big superfood you may not have heard about yet - but will soon. These young sprouts of broccoli, picked only after a few days of growth, contain the natural chemical sulforaphane which reduces inflammation associated with joint pains, lung issues, swelling and reduces the risk of heart disease. Along with these super health benefits, it can also better our mental health as sulforaphane also produces antidepressant and anxiety-reducing effects.

Incorporating broccoli sprouts into your meals couldn't be simpler. As this superfood is eaten raw for maximum health benefits, simply chop the sprigs finely and mix in with your traditional pico de gallo. Its subtle radish taste won't interfere with the strong onion and tomato flavors, making it an easy addition to the classic garnish.

The Antibiotic: Spring Garlic

 Allicin, the compound which gives garlic its infamous smell, is actually a compound which regulates our metabolism. And with spring garlic rich in the compound, this superfood makes for a brilliant aid in healthy weight-loss. In addition, its antiseptic benefits mean it's a sure way to cleanse our body - making the spring garlic a contender for your next staple ingredient in most of your dishes.

Spring garlic is perhaps one of the easiest superfoods to incorporate into our everyday diets. Simply dice it and sprinkle on a salad, or even mix it intoyour fresh guacamole. Its milder and sweeter taste compared to regular garlic will complement your other superfood, the avocado, perfectly and will give you double the goodness.

And it's that easy. With all of these superfoods bursting with health benefits, and easily added into traditional South American garnishes, there's no reason not to try them out. No cooking, no fuss; just cut them up and add them in raw - then, reap the wonderful health benefits and enhanced flavours of these superfoods.

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