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Best Healthy Hispanic Snacks For Your Party

02/11/2019 06:00AM | 7705 views

Hispanic food is healthier than traditional American food and helps increase your life expectancy, according to Nutrition Facts. The choice of ingredients, the proportion of non-processed foods, and the cooking methods seem to be the main reason. If you're looking for healthy alternatives for party food, which in itself is often very unhealthy, then perhaps all you have to do is cast your eyes on Hispanic recipes. Besides, he variety of flavors, colors and textures make them perfect for a party table and add up to the festive ambiance. Here are some ideas on healthy Hispanic snacks and treats for your party table.



Delicious Hispanic finger snacks

No party food gives you more freedom of movement than finger snacks, and you won't have dozens of dirty dishes to clean afterwards! Hispanic cuisine features plenty of healthy finger snacks  for any occasion. All the way from South America, Argentinean finger empanadas feature your fillings of choice conveniently wrapped in a light dough. The traditional empanada filling is beef, boiled eggs and onions, but you can choose any ingredients that you like. Closer to the North, homemade pork chicharrones are delicious and can be made healthy too. Just remember to take out all the fat from the pork and boil them thoroughly to get rid of all those extra calories. Last but not least, if you like Mexican tacos, you will love taquitos, which are basically finger tacos. You can bake your own homemade tortillas or buy them at your local store. Our preferred fillings include chicken, beef, red bell, onions and tomatoes.

A Healthy Spin To Traditional Latino Dishes

Many Hispanic preparations can be made much healthier  by smartly changing one or two ingredients, or just adapting the preparation process. When you plan your party, consider these healthy and still delicious alternatives. For example, why not get rid of Cheetos & Doritos with these natural and delicious replacements? Try arañintas de yuca, a Dominican snack made out of fried yuca, instead of a bag of salty chips. Are you a fan of nachos? They try homemade sweet potato nachos  for a change: they are healthier, versatile and delicious.

It can be challenging to find delicious treats for your vegan guests, but Hispanic food has you covered. There are vegan alternatives for many famous dishes. You can prepare a vegan queso dip by replacing cheese with a blended mix of cashew, water and the right spices. (Think about combining this vegan cheese with the sweet potato nachos described above.) For those who love Peruvian food, the classic fish dish ceviche can be turned into a vegan delight by replacing the fish with marinated mangoes. Just don't forget the onions, sauces and mustard for proper flavor.

So Much Healthy Food To Choose From

There is plenty of Hispanic healthy food you can add to your party table. Finger snacks and small bites are perfect, but larger dishes will make wonders as well for when you all sit around the table to share the meal. You know, Hispanic style. Enjoy the vast variety of delicious dishes and take care of your health, all in one.

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