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Marissa Martinez-Herring

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Holiday Hustle: Biting off More than you Should Chew (Literally)

12/22/2016 06:00AM | 8294 views

The holiday season has arrived and for many of us so has the extra pounds. Bouncing from party to party, grabbing handfuls of baked goods sitting on desks and kitchen counters everywhere you go. “I’ll just have 2 more bites,” keeps adding up to 40 bites by the end of the day

I get it, it’s so tempting and soooo delicious that you just can’t help yourself. However, this is definitely not the time to stop your exercise program because you choose to settle for the additional weight gain. Emotionally, financially and physically we need to maintain our fitness regimen. This is how we can stay on track and actually have some clarity during the shopping battlefield we will encounter at the stores we visit. To be honest, this is a great time to start your  "new" New Year's resolutions. You know the one you started in 2014, but fell off again and again. Maintaining a fitness regimen and simple nutrition plan can keep your hormones balanced and keep the extra pounds off completely. No excuses to keep putting off what you started and what you really want to accomplish when it comes to your wellness.

Let’s take some simple steps to get through the holiday madness.

1. Stop Wine-ing all hours of the day.

OK, I understand the occasional glass or two at social events, but some of us take every opportunity to guzzle some during the holidays. Pick and choose my friends. Those extra glasses during the week add up and recovery does not get easier with age. We are not 20 years old anymore. The after effects of the holiday hang-overs increase sluggishness, foggy thoughts, and cause our love handles to increase into major muffin tops. Not so cute when you’re trying to squeeze into last years skinny jeans. Let’s set a glass goal per event and please hydrate.

2. 80/20 rule

Let’s try to stay on a small nutrition plan. 80% we will choose healthy, balanced and portioned meals, with 20% “gotta have a bite” cheat snack/meal. Simply make a decision to have a protein, good carb and veggie/fruit on your plate for your main meals. If you have an event, go ahead a pick that meal as your 20% “gotta have it” cheat meal. Using the 80/20 rule you still must be observant on which days you will be attending parties, lunches and special events. Plan accordingly so you can bring out your inner foodie without completely binging.

3. Train for life.

Commit to yourself for your health. The holiday season is not the time to stop fitness training or stop following an exercise program. Exercise has proven to increase your energy, metabolism and reduce stress. So now is when you wan’t to STOP? The gift of health and wellness is priceless. Grab a friend and team up during the holidays to feel better and forge through the holiday madness. Try to have fun, try new types of training and stay motivated.

I love the holiday season and it gives me a chance to experiment with new recipes while I still stay healthy, enjoy the baked goods and have some libations. I am a busy wife, mom, business owner and I do not have down time to feel sluggish, especially when family and friends depend on us for so many things during this season. Let’s feel our best, look our best, enjoy the festivities, balance the food and fun so we can set new goals for 2015.  To your health and wellness my friends!

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