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The Vape Ban—With Some Notable Exceptions—Just Went Nationwide

30/01/2020 06:00am | 3482 views

By Sarah Rense

Minty and fruity vape pods are out, but menthol and tobacco flavors remain safe.

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13 Simple Changes That Lead to Huge Weight Loss

31/08/2019 06:00am | 3666 views


Your environment may be sabotaging you. Here's how to fight back. 

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7 Warning Signs That You May Be at Risk of a Heart Attack

27/05/2019 06:00am | 4223 views

By Marygrace Taylor & Melissa Matthews

Nearly half of Americans suffer from cardiovascular disease. 


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How to Keep Your 'Get More Sleep' Resolution, According to an Expert

31/01/2019 06:00am | 4014 views

This sleep doctor reveals what really works to get your 8 (or at least 7) hours of sleep every night.

I love New Year’s resolutions. Apparently, even ancient people marked the new year by reflecting on changes they wanted to make; the Babylonians apparently made promises to return borrowed objects and repay debts in the new year. While I have absolutely no plans to return my neighbor’s leaf blower anytime soon, I do think there is merit in starting the year on a good note.



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You Might Think You Have a Food Allergy - But You're Probably Wrong

30/01/2019 06:00am | 4588 views


With the abundance of speciality foods available, like gluten-free, nut-free, or dairy-free products, it seems that almost everyone is allergic to something. But a new study says that most people probably aren't, but incorrectly believe they have food allergies.

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