Healthcare Disparities

Latinos Face Digital Divide in Health Care

31/08/2016 11:17pm | 5175 views

When considering Latinos, educators often struggle with how to close the achievement gap. That gap is often defined as a disparity in academic success between native English speakers and those for whom Spanish was their first language.

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Mental Health

Roughly Half of Hispanics Have Experienced Discrimination

28/07/2016 10:26am | 5408 views

About half of Hispanics in the U.S. (52%) say they have experienced discrimination or have been treated unfairly because of their race or ethnicity, according to a newly released Pew Research Center survey on race in America.

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Medical Schools Rally to Make Classes More Diverse

28/07/2016 10:15am | 5442 views

New recruitment strategies are helping medical schools boost diversity in the classroom.

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Preventive Care

CVS Health Foundation Grants to Increase Health Access Exceed Goals, Generate Results

24/06/2016 03:22pm | 4758 views

As part of a multi-year, $5 million commitment to increase access to health care in communities nationwide, the CVS Health Foundation on Tuesday released new data from programs supported through partnerships with the National Association of Free & Charitable Clinics and the National Association of Community Health Centers.

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Preventive Care

Colon Cancer Among Hispanics Varies by Birthplace

27/03/2016 06:00am | 5885 views

The risk of colon cancer for Hispanics in California varies widely depending on their place of origin, a new study shows.

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