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Helping People Find their Place

12/18/2019 11:55AM | 2825 views

By Kim Perez

Jacque Glover is a talent specialist, helping veterinary technicians find opportunities at Banfield Pet Hospital’s 1,000+ hospitals across the United States. 

Glover started her career in sales. Then someone who had recruited her for a sales position came back to her later to persuade her to join a staffing agency – to put her sales expertise to work in a different way.

There’s a natural overlap: “I find similarities between recruiting and my previous roles,” said Glover. “I realized once I joined a recruiting team how fulfilling this career can be, because now I can have an impact on someone’s life. To help someone find their dream career – that’s why I’m passionate about recruiting.”

After working for a few agencies where she helped staff multiple employers, she wanted to move in-house where she would have the opportunity to dedicate her time to one company.

She joined Banfield’s sourcing team in 2018, recruiting for veterinarian positions. After a few months she shifted gears to specialize in connecting veterinary technicians to Banfield. 

“The requirements for veterinary technicians vary by state, which makes finding new people to join our hospital teams tricky,” said Glover.   

Glover specializes in sourcing talent online. She’s typically the first point of contact for someone, and she takes the role of helping people get to know Banfield as a potential place to thrive in their careers very seriously. Sourcing from a small talent pool means a recruiter needs to know how to help people get to know the company and see an opportunity there for themselves. 

“If your job is to invite people to join a company or take a particular position, it helps to believe not just in the mission of the company but in the opportunities that the organization will offer you once you’re there,” she explained. “I am a mission-driven person – I’m drawn to companies I can identify with. With Banfield it’s easy to convey the passion for what we do.”

For that reason, if anyone is considering a career in recruiting, Glover recommends finding an industry you’re passionate about.  

“Recruiting is a lot of fun but also very challenging,” said Glover. “If you’re not passionate about the position or the company, it can be difficult. Gravitate to an industry that you really care about, an industry that you can easily speak to.”

For anyone who’s looking for a job and working with a recruiter, she has this advice: “Be honest, tell the recruiter what you want and what you don’t want. That’s how we’ll help you find your dream job, and that’s what we like to do. Consider a recruiter your partner. That’s one of the best way to maximize the relationship.” 

She said a lot of people looking for a job think there’s a barrier between them and recruiter. The job-seeker thinks they can’t tell the recruiter what they’re really looking for. 

“We are really just looking to help you find a place where your passion meets your purpose,” said Glover. 

According to Glover, recruiters are skilled at networking, and if she doesn’t have something for an applicant, she might know someone else who does. 

When you work at an organization that makes you feel engaged you’re eager to make an impact. That’s as true for recruiters as it is for everyone else. In fact, after joining Banfield, Glover jumped at the chance to co-lead a team overseeing social media for Banfield’s Latinx diversity resource group, Unidos. The group brings people together to collectively look for ways Banfield can better serve Hispanic and Latinx clients and associates.

“I don’t speak Spanish myself but I’m Italian and Puerto Rican, and my Grandpa spoke very little English,” she said. “He often had challenges in terms of being able to convey what he needed. Unidos is working to make veterinary care more inclusive and accessible, and that speaks to me.”

When asked if she has any advice for the Hispanic audience, Glover turned the question around: 

“We want to know – where can we do better?” she said. “How can we make the veterinary experience better for you? We’re really focused on providing the best care that we can. We want to know where we have opportunities to improve.”

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