Born Leaders

‘It Just Clicked’: Caring for Patients and Researching Cures

10/11/2022 06:00am | 482 views

“Like any good first-generation immigrant child, I was told I could be a lawyer or a doctor or go into business when I grew up. I wasn’t excited about law.” - That’s how Alex Herrera describes his earliest career ambitions.   

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A Cancer Surgeon Helps People Live and Achieve Their Dreams

08/11/2022 06:00am | 516 views

Performing surgery might seem removed from the personal interactions that family doctors have with patients over the years. When a surgeon removes a gallbladder, for example, there’s not significant personal interaction built around the procedure. 

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Your Dogs and Cats Can Face Post-Pandemic Adjustments

04/10/2022 06:00am | 563 views

When the pandemic hit, did you suddenly find yourself in a house full of people all day every day, everyone working and learning from home? 

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The Sky is the Limit: Especially If You Can Handle a Bit of a Challenge

20/09/2022 06:00am | 518 views

“I’m okay with a little bit of a challenge, it keeps me on my toes.”

That’s a quote from Jessica Saldivas, executive assistant for operations for Banfield Pet Hospital, the leading provider of preventive veterinary care in the United States, with 1,000+ hospitals and nearly 20,000 associates in neighborhoods across the country.

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From Risk to Reward: Your Interests Might Take You in Surprising Directions

30/08/2022 06:00am | 694 views

Every day each of us manages risk, whether we know it or not. 

We hide our valuables and lock our car. We choose between spending time fixing our leaky faucet ourselves or spending money on an expert. We reposition the furniture so we stop bumping into the chair at night in the dark.    

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