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11 Best Exercises for Weight Loss in 2020, According to Experts

21/01/2020 01:30pm | 3373 views

It's all about short bursts of activity. Rest, then repeat.

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Mental Health

The death of the ‘bikini body’ is the best thing to happen to fitness in the past decade

30/12/2019 06:00am | 3456 views

By Zoe Weiner

In the days before you could order both groceries and magazine subscriptions online, it was damn near impossible to walk through a supermarket checkout line without seeing the term “bikini body” plastered on glossies at the newsstand. By today’s standards, strapping two pieces of material onto anybody fits the bill, but a decade ago, the term was still reserved for only those with six-pack abs and not an inch of perceived bodily "imperfection" in sight.

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Equipping People to Be Successful

29/12/2019 06:00am | 2982 views

By Kim Perez

David Soto excels at putting things in place for success – paving the way and equipping others with the tools and expertise they need to reach their goals.

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A Voice for Patients and an Advocate for Meaningful Healthcare Change

27/12/2019 06:00am | 2734 views

by Kim Perez

If you thought it was hard to keep track of healthcare rules and plans for yourself and your family, just think how complex it is for someone whose job is to track all legislation and policy changes at the federal, state, and local levels – for an entire healthcare institution. 

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6 Clear Symptoms of the Flu You Shouldn’t Ignore

22/12/2019 06:00am | 3171 views

by Alison Wilkinson

You definitely feel sick. It hurts to swallow, your head is pounding—but is it a cold or the dreaded flu? Without a rapid flu test done by your doctor, it can be hard to tell the difference. Here are questions to ask yourself to determine if it’s the flu.

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