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Sindy Vasquez

Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition

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Bringing Together Talent, Teams and Leaders

09/15/2019 06:00AM | 1795 views

By Kim Perez

Sindy Vasquez is a talent architect and connector of people at Banfield Pet Hospital. As senior manager of talent acquisition for the largest general veterinary practice in the United States, she works with her colleagues to identify the expertise the company needs, oversees recruitment leaders and recruiters who find talented people to fill those roles, and helps those talented people identify their next best move in their careers. 

Considering Banfield has more than 18,000 associates and 1,050 hospitals across the country, that’s a big job.

“I’m a connector of people, helping current and future associates find the right path that will support their career and life aspirations,” said Vasquez

Vasquez leads a team of experts who oversee recruiting for various roles across the practice, including veterinarians and veterinary professionals to people who specialize in marketing, finance, IT, human resources, legal, business operations and much more. 

This wasn’t a career she envisioned as a kid, but it turns out she loves helping others find their leadership strengths: “Having the opportunity to help people grow as leaders and find the career path they excel in has a huge impact on all of our associates, and in turn helps us better serve pets and the people who love them.”

Vasquez started her career in sales, and part of that experience also involved training and recruiting others. She liked that portion of her role so much she transitioned into recruiting, taking a job with an agency where she recruited talent for a variety of organizations.

Her previous experience served her well, and she quickly discovered she had a knack for developing businesses, getting new clients, and teaching and training others. 

Then at one point she realized: “It’s great being able to talk about the culture of 15 different organizations, but it would be so cool to focus on just one and actually be able to experience and live that culture.”

She transitioned into a corporate recruiting position where she expanded her expertise as an HR business partner to include all facets of human resources – compensation, workforce planning, organizational design, employee engagement and more. When she joined Banfield in 2016, she transitioned into developing leaders for recruiting. She has a passion for helping people develop their leadership skills.

Her mission of bringing talent into Banfield is made all the more urgent by the trends in the industry: a shortage of veterinarians in general, and especially for Latinx doctors – even as Latinx pet ownership is increasing. 

In fact, the growth rate of Hispanic pet owners will be more than six times higher than non-Hispanic pet owners through 2021, according to a November 2016 Packaged Facts report (Hispanics as Pet Market Consumers). 

She wants more people in the Latinx community to see the value in pursuing a career in veterinary medicine – work that she describes as both purposeful and rewarding.

“We want to mirror the communities we serve so that we can better help our clients navigate the decisions and options that come with being a pet owner,” said Vasquez. “If you’re interested in a career in veterinary medicine, there are many resources available – including at organizations like Banfield – that can help with getting started.”

Banfield wants to create an environment where doctors will be with the organization for the life of their careers, so the company offers:

  • Competitive salary and benefits, including a program offering student debt relief for qualifying veterinarians
  • An associate-first culture that prioritizes inclusion and diversity throughout the organization 
  • Resources to support associates’ personal health and wellbeing

“I feel a responsibility as a Latina working in the veterinary profession to advocate for every pet and client to continue to receive the culturally-competent care that they deserve,” said Vasquez. “If you’re intrinsically motivated to be part of a purpose bigger than yourself, we encourage you to explore a career as a veterinary professional.”

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