Research explores why Hispanic health outcomes worsen with more time in United States

29/01/2016 11:42am | 6097 views

Written by Julie Poppen

Boulder, Colorado - The mystery of why health outcomes deteriorate the longer Hispanic immigrants are in the U.S. cannot be blamed on America’s fast food culture alone.

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New Study Examines HIV Rates Among Latinos

29/01/2016 11:35am | 6281 views

By Diana R. Cabral (


A new study detailing diagnoses and the prevalence of HIV among Latinos in the United States tells how the disease has risen among men who have sex with men and details the rates of infections among Latino millennials.

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Empowering Healthy, High-Achieving Hispanic Youth

29/01/2016 11:39am | 6685 views

By Alexis Glick, CEO of the GENYOUth Foundation[MJO1] 

With global reports from respected international organizations like the World Economic Forum and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development showing U.S. youth behind their international counterparts in educational prowess, public-private partnerships in America are accelerating efforts to close the nation's skills gap and improve health and fitness among the 88 million children and young adults under 20.

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Obamacare's Impact on Latino Access to Health Insurance

07/11/2015 06:00am | 6165 views

By Gabriel R. Sanchez, Francisco I. Pedraza and Edward D. Vargas

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Memorial Doctor Part Of Research Team To Lower Hispanic Childhood Obesity

31/10/2015 06:00am | 6454 views

Memorial Hospital of Rhode Islanddoctor Roberta Goldman, PhD, was part of a team of researchers whoconducted a study on Hispanic childhood obesity. The study is titled"Reducing Hispanic Children's Obesity Risk Factors in the first 1, 000Days of Life: A Qualitative Analysis," was published in the most recentissue of the Journal of Obesity.

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