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Center for Hispanic Leadership Launches Scholarship Program for Online Leadership Training

01/10/2014 05:47PM | 24136 views


While the number of Hispanics enrolling in college has increased, the need remains to encourage college seniors, graduate students and Hispanic professionals to pursue higher education and professional development training to become what the United States needs most – 21st century leaders. With this in mind, the Center for Hispanic Leadership (CHL) will award $50,000 in scholarships to Hispanic students and professionals to obtain their leadership certification through CHL’s Hispanic Leadership Academy (HLA).

According to CHL’s recent survey findings of Hispanic professionals across the country, Hispanics are only delivering 40% of their full potential at work, which will continue to perpetuate the United States’ declining global competitive edge. The HLA “Our Culture Matters!” Scholarship Program is featured on CHL’s new health and wellness education platform for Hispanics, “Today’s Hispanics are at a crossroads,” says Glenn Llopis, CHL CEO/Founder, “by assimilating at school and in the workplace we are losing what makes us unique to compete. Hispanics must embrace their cultural values and heritage and leverage them to their fullest potential – only then will the numbers – 55 million – match the influence.”

Given the current healthcare reform as well as the growing number of Hispanics in this country, there is a clear need for Hispanic leaders and role models in STEM careers especially healthcare for two major reasons: 1) professional healthcare is not necessarily something Hispanics were raised with or see the value in, and therefore they may not seek it out; and 2) the urgency is greater in this industry because the lack of research and outreach to the community directly affects their health and well-being. From family to physician and from research to cures, Hispanics need to play a more meaningful and purposeful role in the healthcare industry as well as in other industries. Hispanics need to help industries alleviate the growing tension points by becoming more Hispanic friendly and acknowledging the growing importance of culture and the role it plays in effectively reaching Hispanics from consumers to patients.

Add Llopis, “For these tension points as well as CHL’s recent research findings, the organization is offering Hispanics the opportunity to earn a scholarship to obtain culturally-relevant training that will awaken their Latino factor and enable them to become what the country needs most – 21st century leaders.”

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