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Health Care Workforce Needs Hispanic Professionals

23/09/2013 12:23pm | 9278 views

One of the results of having a burgeoning Hispanic population is the need for qualified Hispanic health care workers to address their medical needs, according to an articlein The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education. It's not only a matter of being able to communicate with patients in Spanish, it is also a matter of being intimately acquainted with Hispanic culture that makes Hispanic health care workers so essential for the health and welfare of our changing demographics. And unless the number of Hispanics entering health fields increases, the U.S. faces a healthcare shortage within the next decade.

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Adjusting to College Life Teaches Lessons for Future Life Transitions – Personal and Professional

29/03/2015 09:42am | 8605 views

Over a decade later, I still recall the feelings of defeat and frustration as if it were only yesterday...

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Career Health & Fitness at Every Stage

29/11/2013 10:43am | 23076 views

In your early career, you are focused on developing technical and other knowledge, acquiring good work habits, learning about the workplace, building relationships, managing your time, completing projects and developing a reputation for performing your job well. In short, you’re beginning to build your career muscle. You learn what you excel in and what you enjoy doing. 

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Center for Hispanic Leadership Launches Scholarship Program for Online Leadership Training

10/01/2014 05:47pm | 24043 views


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Career Health, Part 1: The Annual Check-Up

17/08/2014 10:04pm | 14422 views

We have all been told we need to get our annual doctor’s check-up, but have you ever considered conducting a career check-up – a holistic general assessment for the health management of your career? 

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