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Chosen Foods Docuseries to Highlight Hispanic Entreprenueurs

07/22/2021 06:00AM | 1863 views

San Diego, CA—Chosen Foods is celebrating its Hispanic heritage with a four-part docuseries highlighting other Hispanic entrepreneurs in their respective fields.

The series drops May 5 and will be available to watch on Chosen Foods website, YouTube, and Instagram. The docuseries is the first iteration of an ongoing series that’ll shine a light on the bootstrapping, hard work, and commitment of various Mexican-American creatives that were “chosen” to use their roots as a foundation for their craft.

Filmed, directed, and produced by Matter Films, the docuseries highlights Señor Jose Luis Gonzalez, Mexican business man and Founder of Sesajal; Alberto Hernandez, Founder of Meshika and hat designer to the stars; Maria Covarrubias, Chosen Foods Chef and Head of Food & Nutrition; and Arturo Castañeda, fourth-generation menswear designer and Head of Design at Arturo NYC.

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