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Alma Apodaca

Director, Human Resources at City of Hope

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Partnering with City of Hope Leaders to Move the Cultural Conversation Forward

31/12/2014 12:47pm | 7926 views

In my last article, I started out by saying how I’ve always been something of an activist, volunteering as I did in the Latino community from a very young age. It was this experience during my formative years that laid the foundation for the career path I would set out on, and for the position I have now at City of Hope.

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Running Past Cultural Hurdles…to a Healthier Future

19/12/2014 09:45pm | 24278 views

As someone who has always been something of an activist – I’ve been volunteering and active in the Latino community from a very young age – the same could not be said of my personal life when it came to my own health and well-being.

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Alma Apodaca

Director, Human Resources at City of Hope

Currently, Alma is Director of Human Resources at City of Hope. Prior to taking on this role, she worked as a Diversity & Inclusion Strategist for Southern California Edison (“SCE”). She is responsible for providing strategic direction to various Diversity & Inclusion initiatives. Prior to moving into D&I, Ms. Apodaca was an Equal Opportunity Investigator for SCE.

Alma has worked in the field of Human Resources as a training and organizational development professional for over 15 years in the area of Diversity, Sexual Harassment, and Leadership Development. She has an SPHR designation and has worked in both the private and public/government sectors as well as in her own consulting practice.

Alma has an extensive background in Human Relations. In the early 1990’s she volunteered for The National Conference of Community and Justice leading workshops and trainings in human relations. She has developed and delivered leadership programs to a variety of groups and has worked as adjunct faculty at Pacific Oaks College. She is a former board member of Planned Parenthood of Pasadena/San Gabriel Valley.

Alma holds a BA in Management, University of Phoenix and a Masters degree in Human Development with a Specialization in Bicultural Children, Pacific Oaks College.