Hispanic Marketing

Healthy Hispanic Living’s Culturally Fluent Content Creates Intimate Connections to Engage Latino Parents and Millennials

30/03/2016 07:11pm | 6772 views

The premise of Healthy Hispanic Living (HHL) is to serve as a platform to prepare U.S. leadership for the cultural demographic shift™. The goal is to develop a culturally-relevant content and communications platform to guide Hispanics to live healthier lives and also to pursue careers in healthcare. From family to physician and from research to cures, Hispanics need to play a more meaningful and purposeful role in the healthcare industry as well as other industries.

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Too Few U.S. Hispanics Have Cholesterol Under Control

18/02/2016 01:45pm | 6439 views

Undertreatment of high cholesterol is a major problem among Hispanics in the United States, a new study finds.

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Marketing Health & Wellness to U.S. Hispanics

24/09/2015 12:00pm | 10858 views

“The first wealth is health” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hispanic attitudes towards health and wellness impact a range of categories, from fast food to pharmaceutical, and understanding the Hispanic point-of-view is becoming increasingly critical to the success of American business. This article will highlight some of the factors that have historically influenced Hispanics and provide key takeaways for marketers interested in reaching out to the U.S. Hispanic market. 

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A New Hispanic Health Future: How the Affordable Care Act will Transform Hispanic Health in the U.S.

14/09/2015 05:00pm | 6576 views

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is making quality, affordable health care coverage accessible to an estimated 10 million uninsured Hispanics.  This previously unprecedented access for the group with the least access (nearly 1 in 3 uninsured) has the potential to write a whole new future for the Hispanic community due to its emphasis on preventive care and provisions for heightened cultural competency.

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A Hospital Without Doors

11/09/2015 12:36pm | 19433 views

If we in the healthcare industry believe that the path to good health does not begin until someone enters the hospital, we are already starting off at a great disadvantage. That’s a failed model of healthcare for all involved: doctors and nurses, healthcare providers, caregivers and patients. It’s a model that reinforces the passive patient who doesn’t question their physician or ask for a second opinion. A model that makes patients more comfortable turning to folk cures and alternative therapies instead of preventive self-screening and proven treatment methods. 

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