Healthcare Disparities

Hispanic Cancer Rates Show How It Matters Where You Come From

26/02/2016 06:00am | 5317 views

Hispanic people much are less likely to get cancer than non-Hispanic whites, but it's also their leading cause of death.

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Racial Disparities Exist For Black And Hispanic Patients Undergoing Major Surgeries In U.S. Hospitals

23/02/2016 06:00am | 5332 views

Considerable racial disparities exist in surgical outcomes for black and Hispanic patients undergoing major cancer and non-cancer surgeries in U.S. hospitals, even among institutions that have already enrolled in a national surgical quality improvement initiative.

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Culturally aware health care: Why it's smart for providers

19/02/2016 06:00am | 5257 views

Healthcare is just beginning to wake up to what marketing folks and the retail industry have been doing for years – focusing on the Hispanic consumer.

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Research explores why Hispanic health outcomes worsen with more time in United States

29/01/2016 11:42am | 5445 views

Written by Julie Poppen

Boulder, Colorado - The mystery of why health outcomes deteriorate the longer Hispanic immigrants are in the U.S. cannot be blamed on America’s fast food culture alone.

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New Study Examines HIV Rates Among Latinos

29/01/2016 11:35am | 5645 views

By Diana R. Cabral (


A new study detailing diagnoses and the prevalence of HIV among Latinos in the United States tells how the disease has risen among men who have sex with men and details the rates of infections among Latino millennials.

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