Behavioral Tendencies

Social Media Safety: A Modern Parenting Challenge

13/07/2021 12:00pm | 138 views


Raising children in this day and age comes with its unique set of hurdles. One of the modern parenting challenges is the rise of social media. In recent decades, social media took the world over. Now parents have to decide what and how much they want to share online about their children. Parents all over the world embraced social media platforms and started posting excessively detailed information about their children. Sharing a lot of detailed information about one’s children is defined as sharenting. Check out my previous article about sharenting.

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Mental Health

Studies Show Hispanic Communities Are Struggling To Talk About Mental Health With Their Loved Ones

25/05/2021 06:00am | 245 views

By Christian Torres, Wichita Journalism Collaborative.

Mental health has been at the forefront of many discussions due to the pandemic and all the disruptions it has caused. But for some, the topic of mental health is one that tends to be pushed to the corner.

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Mental Health

Impact of COVID-19 Lockdown on Teens’ Mental Health

20/04/2021 06:00am | 777 views

A new report finds that the mental health effects of the pandemic are more likely to have a significant impact on teenagers.

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Maintaining Health While Working From Home: 8 Tips

17/04/2021 06:00am | 511 views


Working from home can be beneficial in many ways, but it can also present several physical, mental, and social challenges.

Health tips for those working from home include wellness fundamentals, such as eating a nutritious diet and getting regular exercise.


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Preventive Care

Researchers Study Impact Of Covid-19 Pandemic On Vaping, E-Cigarette Use Among Hispanic Teens

13/04/2021 06:00am | 431 views

By Rosanna Castro

Researchers are investigating how the COVID-19 pandemic is contributing to increased substance use and growing mental health concerns among Hispanic adolescents.

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