When is the timing right to have a mentor?

12/02/2015 10:44PM | 6966 views

The workplace is in transition, and so are many people with their careers.  More than ever, people are feeling a sense of disengagement at work as they grow frustrated with the uncertainty and lack of long-term stability that surrounds them. Today’s workplace environment is growing worrisome for many because their employers can’t provide them the guaranteed security they seek, while they are expected to do more for less. Managing your career, whether employed or not, has become a full-time responsibility. So many factors play into what motivates and drives someone to ultimately achieve. However, when circumstances force their hand – it begins to take its toll. Motivation starts to wane and people begin to wonder if they will ever reach their desired career destination. They begin to doubt themselves and quickly become awakened to the reality that career management is a journey and only a very few who are equipped to take-on the journey head-on will have the endurance to reach their career goals, dreams and aspirations. This is when a good mentor can inspire you to find happiness and the motivation to succeed in a meaningful and purposeful way when you are showing signs of complacency.

1. When You Become Disengaged

Pay close attention to how focused you are in your work.

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2. When You Stop Thinking

When you are not asking questions, challenging yourself and others, this is cause for concern

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3. When You Stop Taking Initiative

When you stop thinking, you are on the path of becoming unproductive and complacent.

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4. When You Aren’t Investing in Yourself Enough

You know those employees on your team or in your organization that are focused on success and achievement.

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5. When You Are Not Managing Your Personal Brand

Most people don’t manage their personal brands because they don’t know how to.

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6. When You Starting Taking Shortcuts

You know when you are becoming complacent when you begin to take shortcuts in your work.

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7. When You Don’t Take Any Risks

In today’s workplace, everyone is at risk. This has become part of the new normal.

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8. When You Have Lost Your Passion

When you begin to lose your passion for your responsibilities, it’s time to have a conversation with your mentor.

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