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Behavioral Tendencies

Keep Paying Attention To Your Kids' Mental Health In This Pandemic

08/04/2021 06:00am | 1299 views

For nearly a year, most of our children have been navigating the new, difficult normal: social isolation; deeply stressed parents; the effects of financial uncertainty; school from home — or from WiFi-equipped school buses if they don't have internet.

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Personalized Care

How All That Pandemic Hiking Is Benefitting Your Brain

21/03/2021 06:00am | 1385 views

The first time I went hiking, I thought I was going to die. 

OK, that’s an exaggeration. But before this outing near my home in upstate New York, I hadn’t given the particulars too much thought. To me, the word “hiking” inspired images of strolling along paved paths through the peaceful woods. Boy, was I wrong.

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Personalized Care

Study Shows Identifying Empathy Is Key to Increasing Diversity in Medicine, Improved Patient Care

19/01/2021 06:00am | 1411 views


BETHESDA, Md., Jan. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Long before COVID-19, decades of societal, systemic inequalities have contributed to health disparities and educational inequities for ethnic minorities and communities of color. Now, results from a first of its kind, national medical education empathy study, co-sponsored by the American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine (AACOM), could provide medical schools with an evidence-based assessment to help them not only improve diversity in admissions, but also help address the long-standing health disparities plaguing our nation and harming patient health.

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Healthcare Disparities

COVID 'decimated our staff' as the pandemic ravages health workers of color

19/01/2021 06:00am | 1281 views

By Danielle Renwick

Last spring, New Jersey emergency room nurse Maritza Beniquez saw “wave after wave” of sick patients, each wearing a look of fear that grew increasingly familiar as the weeks wore on.

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Personalized Care

Young Adults’ Pandemic Mental Health Risks

02/10/2020 06:00am | 2381 views

In a new C.D.C. survey, 18- to 24-year-olds reported the highest levels of symptoms of anxiety and depression, and a quarter of them said they had seriously considered suicide.

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