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Panel: Want to Win the Latino Vote? Address Immigration

11/05/2016 11:50pm | 6707 views

WASHINGTON, DC -- A group of Latino political experts and community activists said Hispanic voters care about many issues, but one issue in particular will likely drive many of them to the polls this year.

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Hispanics in Philanthropy Helps Raise Funds for Groups on Intl Women's Day

11/05/2016 12:52pm | 6951 views

Tuesday is International Women's Day, and the organization Hispanics in Philanthropy is launching a unique crowd funding effort,, to raise funds for non-profit organizations whose mission is to improve the lives of women and girls in the Latino community.

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Here's a Reason to Get a Puppy: Kids With Pets Have Less Anxiety

16/04/2016 06:00am | 7632 views

Dogs, which are already shown to reduce rates of allergies and asthma, may provide kids with yet another benefit: reducing anxiety.

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What I've Learned: Young Latina's Mission Is Mental Health Advocacy

07/04/2016 06:00am | 6835 views


Dior Vargas is the creator of the People of Color and Mental Illness Photo Project, a response to the invisibility of people of color in media representations of mental illness. She is a volunteer crisis counselor for CrisisTextLine, a co-facilitator for NAMI NYC Metro's Young Adult Support Group and was listed as one of the 15 Remarkable Women of Color Who Rocked 2015 in Colorlines.

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Two Latinas at Forefront of Historic Science Discovery

06/04/2016 05:14pm | 7669 views


One of the biggest discoveries in science was announced Thursday: the detection of gravitational waves from the collision of two black holes, a discovery that confirms many of Albert Einstein's theories about the universe.

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