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Glenn Llopis

CEO and Founder, Center for Hispanic Leadership

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Six Characteristics of 21st Century Leaders (Interview with Odilon Almeida, Western Union)

09/07/2015 06:00am | 7786 views

As President for the Americas and European Union Region, Odilon Almeida is responsible for Western Union’s business across 98 countries, encompassing all the companies’ products and services in three macro regions: North America, Latin America and Caribbean and the European Union.  Like many who have found success in leadership positions, he embodies the six characteristics that define what it means to be a 21st century leader.

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City of Hope Makes the Business Case for Hispanics in Health Care and Expands Its Initiatives for 2015

03/11/2015 04:14pm | 6490 views

After recognizing the growing need for clinical professionals and research staff that more closely mirror the patients it serves in its primary service area, City of Hope took the lead to begin creating and reinforcing talent pipeline strategies for Hispanics in the health care and biomedical industries. With programs and events such as T.E.A.C.H. Project and its Diversity Health Care Career Expo proving highly successful (as featured in a previous article), City of Hope is now expanding upon these initiatives as well as developing additional ones in 2015.

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City of Hope Leading the Way to Create a Talent Pipeline for Hispanics in Healthcare

14/08/2015 09:48am | 6798 views

Like many healthcare providers in the Los Angeles area, and well beyond to healthcare organizations throughout the United States, City of Hope has recognized the growing need for clinical professionals and staff that more closely mirror the patients it serves in its catchment area. And with a local population that is nearly half Hispanic, that means recruiting more Hispanics into the industry, as well as providing much needed career development opportunities. But whereas most in the industry are just beginning to acknowledge the need, City of Hope has taken the lead to recruit more Hispanics into the industry and also has started to build a Hispanic talent pipeline for the immediate and not so distant future.

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About the Author

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Glenn Llopis

CEO and Founder, Center for Hispanic Leadership

Glenn Llopis (pronounced ‘yō-pēs) is the Founder of the Center for Hispanic Leadership – a nationally recognized human capital and business development consultancy focused on issues regarding Hispanic talent and business growth strategies. He is the best-selling author of the book, Earning Serendipity and contributing writer to Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and Huffington Post.

The son of Cuban immigrants, Glenn is best known for promoting what he calls "the immigrant perspective” and is a popular voice on issues regarding the advancement of Hispanics in the United States. His writings, speaking engagements, and consulting assignments focus on leadership, career advancement, marketing, diversity management, entrepreneurship, and turn around operations.

Glenn’s thought leadership focuses on the idea that if people embrace the immigrant mentality, they will have a distinct advantage in business and in life by being able to see and seize previously unseen opportunities, and opportunities others don’t see at all. Llopis’ research has identified 6 natural characteristics that define this immigrant mentality.

Glenn is a UCLA graduate with fast-tracked years at the Gallo Wine Company and with Sunkist Juice Beverages and where he became the youngest senior executive in the company's 100-year history. Glenn and his organization are frequently featured on CNN, Fox News, Univision, ABC, NBC and CBS.