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Manage your stress

When you are under stress, you lose your will power and start to make questionable lifestyle choices – choices that can lead to more stress in the form of poor health and chronic disease.

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Make better food choices

When we’re on the run all day, our meals are typically “grab and go.” These tend to be unhealthy food choices. Make small, incremental improvements to your diet.

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Become less sedentary

When it comes to exercise, anything is better than nothing. Start slow and start walking. Don’t get discouraged if you can’t live up to the latest recommendations.

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Setting a Healthy Example Can Keep Kids Off the Path to Diabetes

24/01/2014 09:01am | 22635 views

By Raynald Samoa

Manage your stress. Make better food choices. Become less sedentary. Those are the three recommendations I made at the end of my last article to manage diabetes or even better, avoid getting it in the first place.

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About the Author

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Diabetes And Obesity: Take Action

An active movement for healthy lifestyles

June, 2015:  Campaign Press Release

Call to Action: Take Action

Healthy Hispanic Living aims to provide real-life solutions and tips from our team of physicians and thought-leaders to inspire Hispanics and their families to lead healthier lives. Promoting and encouraging preventive care, HHL is focused on delivering the required in-culture educational tools and resources that empower Hispanics to take action in support of their overall health and well-being.

Research shows that Hispanics are susceptible to certain chronic diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, and obesity. Every 90 days, our goal is to feature a specific disease so that together as a community we can begin to collectively become more knowledgeable about prevention, how to explore the right treatments and navigate the conversations with our doctors, and learn from the experiences of others on our journey to self-advocacy for ourselves and our families.

Diabetes & Obesity Awareness will be our educational outreach and preventative care mission, June – Sept, 2015. Our call to action is to inspire Hispanics to:

1. Become better educated about the risks of Obesity and Diabetes in the Hispanic Community, and how to prevent, manage and live with these diseases – that physicians like City of Hope’s Dr. Raynald Samoa and others are working for them to make preventive care and treatment easier and more accessible.

2. Take the action to get a better lifestyle. Our goal is for the Hispanic Community to have healthier life by changing our activity levels and eating habits in a country where food is valued by convenience and cost, rather than freshness and nutrition.

3. Share your workout and recipe ideas, personal results and family journeys. Our intent is to encourage Hispanic families to share their solution for a better lifestyle that can become an example for others families to prevent and deal with obesity problems and diabetes cases.