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Daisy Rivera

Licensed clinical social worker at City of Hope

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Yoga Can Be a Path to Health and Well-Being for the Hispanic Community

18/09/2015 12:00pm | 28808 views

I walked into my first Kundalini yoga class about 15 years ago. I had done other forms of yoga before but none had prepared me for the experience of Kundalini. I was soothed by the beautiful music that played, known as mantras, and the chanting all around me. “Let the nervous system adjust,” I heard, and obediently my body vibrated as if it knew how to do the adjustments naturally. We meditated to the healing sounds of mantras and as we laid down to rest the powerful sounds of the gong took me to a place that I had forgotten, where peace, gratitude, and the feeling of well-being are found. In 2006, I graduated as a Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher from Golden Bridge Yoga, a studio in Los Angeles. Though there are many branches of yoga, the right branch will find the student according to their path. 

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Daisy Rivera

Licensed clinical social worker at City of Hope

Daisy Rivera is a licensed clinical social worker at City of Hope where she incorporates a mind/body/spirit approach in her work with patients and their loved ones. In addition, she runs a weekly Employee Yoga Class, thus sharing the healing arts with City of Hope employees. 

Daisy earned an MSW from the University of Southern California, is a certified Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Reiki and Tibetan Healing Bowls Practitioner.