Stepping Up When It’s Time to Step Into the Caregiver Role

31/10/2016 10:15am | 6539 views

by Glenn Llopis

 My father was a huge influence on my life and career, with many lessons and pearls of wisdom to share throughout his long and rich life. But what I didn’t expect, is that when the tables were turned, and I was thrust into the caregiver role of an aging parent, that he would still be the one teaching me lessons – about life and vulnerability, courage and strength, dignity and death. Nor could I have known about the multidimensional aspects of caregiving – and the magnitude of the responsibility – because nothing can prepare you more than actually being in that situation yourself.

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The Impact of Caregiving on Work – and How Leaders Can Help Both Their Employers and Employees

31/10/2016 10:06am | 6379 views

by Michael O’Neill, Senior Editor, HHL

For many who take on the role of caregiving at home, it can quickly become a full-time job – on top of the one they already have. Almost half (46%) of caregivers work full-time outside the home, and it’s closer to two-thirds if you add in part-time workers and those looking for employment. (See Care for the Family Caregiver:A Place to Start (March 2010 Edition, prepared by National Alliance for Caregiving and EmblemHealth).

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Growing Up in a Culture That Values Family Caregiving

17/10/2016 11:34am | 7093 views

by Annette Prieto

To me, family caregiving has always been a natural part of life. In fact, my very first memories of my grandmother were of her taking care of her mother. My great-grandmother was bedridden and had Alzheimer’s disease, and as the oldest daughter of nine children, my grandmother felt it was her duty and obligation to take care of her mother. In our culture and our family, that is just what you do.

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