What Is My Role As A Mentee?

12/02/2015 09:23PM | 9504 views

At a time when the demand for transparent communication in the workplace is at a premium, employees are not speaking-up enough. How you express your opinions at work (or not) is a direct reflection upon how people experience who you are and what you represent as a team member, as an individual, and as a potential mentee. Your voice defines the value you bring to the mentor-mentee relationship. Your identity will be misrepresented if you do not consistently communicate what is really on your mind. But voicing your opinions consistently will add value to your relationships with mentors and the organization you serve.

1. Organizational Performance

Your performance at work begins to wane when your voice is not heard.

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2. Command Respect

When you voice your opinion consistently, you set a tone for yourself.

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3. Strengthen Your Influence

A strong voice in the workplace can strengthen your influence.

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4. Unexpected Opportunities

A consistent voice creates unexpected opportunities.

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5. Solidify Your Brand

You know that you have a consistent voice at work once you have solidified your brand.

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6. Accelerate Your Career

There is a reason that certain people advance more quickly than others in their careers.

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