How Do I Make a Good First Impression?

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The most memorable leaders know how to naturally make a good first impression. They are mindful of what people expect of them and they want to create for them a safe environment that enables engagement – because they know that leadership success is all about people.Though first impressions are earned quickly, it takes time for people to figure out the impact you are attempting to create in your leadership role. Leadership is not about acting a part, but rather about being your most authentic self to serve the organization and advance others. As such, first impressions should never be forced; they are opportunities to reveal who you are and what you represent as a leader.

1. Warm Greeting

Being nice, attentive and making good eye contact is what is expected to make a good first impression.

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2. Be Polished

Employees respect a leader that projects strong executive presence.

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3. Represent Your Authentic Self

Leaders are not always their authentic selves.

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4. Be a Good Listener

The best leaders listen to their employees because they want to learn about them.

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5. Take an Interest In What Matters Most to Others

Beyond listening, leaders that encourage employees to ask them the tough questions.

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6. Embrace Differences and Acknowledge Accomplishments

Leaders that embrace individuality are widely accepted by their employees.

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7. Be Knowledgeable

Never assume that the leader knows the dynamics of the business.

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8. Make Yourself Accessible

Accessibility to leaders has become one of the most important things.

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9. Have a Sense of Humor

A leader that brings a positive uplifting attitude fuels excitement in the workplace.

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10. Let Yourself Be Vulnerable

Leaders leave a positive first impression when they don’t flaunt their power and influence.

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11. Be Consistent

A leader with a consistent style is a leader who knows how to work well with others.

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12. Lead By Example

Leading by example is a surefire way to make good on an unforgettable first impression.

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13. Be Motivational

Leaders today must be motivational and inspire hope.

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