Culturally adapted exercise program helps Hispanic older adults be more active

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Number of U.S. Teens With Prediabetes Has Doubled: Here's Why and What Can Be Done

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Food insecurity doubled likelihood of foregoing or delaying medical care during first year of COVID-19 pandemic in U.S.

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Work Wardrobe Ready 101

29/09/2021 02:44pm | 2543 views

By Annette Prieto Llopis 

During the past few months several clients and friends have come to me in a bit of what I have termed the “post-pandemic wardrobe frenzy.” Many of us are having to return to our company’s offices and no longer have the comfort of working from home leisurewear to rely on. For many of us, the time saved not fretting about our appearance and clothes was the only upside to the pandemic. Yet now the reality is employers want to see us in person.

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Getting Our Style Back

21/07/2021 06:00am | 1796 views

By Annette Prieto Llopis 

Enough is enough! After over a year of mundane leggings and make-up free faces, it’s time we get back to looking, and most importantly, feeling our best. The quarantine spiraled us into a loungewear trap, and we all avoided wearing lipstick, rightfully so, in fear of the smeared smiles. I too was a victim and dove into the yoga pant zone longer than I care to admit.

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