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Career Management

The Real Root of Innovation? Insurance

20/10/2015 12:12pm | 6537 views

by Mary Ann Cook

Entrepreneurs and technical geniuses are hailed for their innovations, but what allows them to take risks in the first place? Insurance. 

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Self Advocacy

9 Things to Know Before Buying Life Insurance

15/10/2015 08:00am | 6514 views

Your life insurance should generally be 10 to 12 times your annual salary, but it's a long-term investment, and you need to be careful -- by Joyce Garner, insurance planner and adviser with Zimmerman & Ray Insurance Services, in Roseville, CA.

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Behavioral Tendencies

The Affordable Care Act: Mostly Working But Questions Remain

13/10/2015 10:47am | 6418 views

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) – aka Obamacare – is gathering momentum.

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Long-Term-Care Costs Continue to Increase

06/10/2015 06:00am | 12345 views

Ayo Mseka, Editor-in-Chief of NAIFA’s Advisor Today magazine

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Self Advocacy

Medical Identity Theft And Fraud

14/09/2015 03:24pm | 5924 views

Medical identity theft is a costly and potentially dangerous crime that is incredibly difficult to resolve. To make matters worse, medical identity theft often goes undiscovered for long periods of time and only becomes more detrimental and difficult to resolve the longer it goes undetected.

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