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The Clorox Company: Clorox Hispanic Nurses Network

10/07/2015 06:00AM | 7481 views

More than half of Hispanic adults in the United States don’t have regular access to a health care provider.  Hispanics rely on alternate resources for health care information, like online tools and advice from friends and family members.

To U.S. Hispanics, nurses are more relatable than doctors, thanks to their longer interaction with families as doctors get busier and busier.  Whether at school, workplaces or clinics, nurses often diagnose medical issues and emotional problems before family doctors, act as ER nurses and educate parents and children on seasonal health issues.

Strategic Approach and Campaign Objectives                

Considering that nurses are usually the first point of contact for Hispanic families looking for health advice in their own language, and in response to the lack of healthcare information available for Hispanics, The Clorox Company partnered with the National Association of Hispanic Nurses (NAHN) to create the Hispanic Nurses Network. 

The Axis Agency was instrumental in establishing the relationship with NAHN and in nurturing this relationship throughout the duration of this campaign. 

The Program’s objectives included:

       Positioning Clorox as a company that understands Hispanics and their health & wellness needs

       Introducing Clorox as a trusted ally on family health by providing our target audience with practical ways (product and health education) to keep their family healthy

       Encouraging the target audience to try Clorox Clean Up and Clorox Disinfecting Wipes instead of other cleaners for cleaning and disinfecting

Target Audience

Our main target audience was Hispanic, unacculturated and semi-acculturated women ages 18 to 34 with children.

Our Approach – Red de Enfermeras Hispanas (Hispanic Nurses Network)

The Clorox Hispanic Nurses Network provided U.S. Hispanic moms and their families with a new resource on health and wellness matters. The Network consisted of four Spanish-speaking nurses in Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York, who acted as healthcare advocates sharing health information and educating Hispanics on how to keep their homes healthy via social media platforms and through traditional media interview opportunities.

Launch Announcement at Hispanicize in Miami

To announce the launch of the Hispanic Nurses Network, Axis engaged NAHN and leveraged Clorox’s existing partnership with health advocate and expert, Dr. Aliza Lifshitz. The Axis Agency negotiated a sponsorship for one of the most important U.S. Hispanic marketing and social media events of the year, Hispanicize, this included a special press conference and announcement of the Clorox Hispanic Nurses Network as part of Hispanicize’s conference activities.  Key Hispanic mommy bloggers and media attended the conference, which was followed by a local media tour in Miami with Dr. Aliza Lifshitz and with a member of the Hispanic Nurses Network.

Social Media Engagement – A Conversation with Hispanic Moms and Bloggers

As part of the Clorox Hispanic Nurses Network, monthly live chat sessions via Facebook were scheduled, engaging the audience to ask health-related questions and interact with the nurses.  Through the sessions, the nurses provided seasonal healthcare information in Spanish and answered questions to participants. Additionally, tips from the Hispanic Nurses Network have posted on Clorox Latino’s Facebook page to generate ongoing awareness throughout the year.

To create additional social media engagement with our target audience, Axis partnered with Hispanicize’s sister company, Latina Mom Bloggers, to help coordinate and promote the Facebook live Q&A chats.

Campaign Results

The Clorox Hispanic Nurses Network launch announcement garnered nearly 8.5 million media impressions, and increased brand awareness among close to 800 Hispanic influencers and bloggers engaged at Hispanicize 2012.

Additionally, the live Q&A chat sessions generated nearly 12 million impressions through blogger promotion and in-studio session announcements, as well as over 400 live chat consumers who engaged in the sessions.

Campaign Results – Ongoing Facebook Engagement

Biweekly branded health tips have posted on Clorox Latino’s Facebook page and on average more than, 1,700 Facebook fans saw the tips every time they were posted.

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