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Covered California Case Study

09/15/2015 04:27PM | 5951 views

The historical passage of the Affordable Care Act guarantees all Americans health care coverage.  In California more than 7 million residents are without health insurance and of that number well over  50% percent are Hispanic.  Covered California is charged with implementing the federal health care law – the Affordable Care Act – and  creating a new insurance marketplace in which individuals and small businesses can get access to health insurance. 

To fulfill its mission of increasing the number of insured, improving health care quality, lowering costs and reducing health disparities, Covered California, the state agency managing the ACA, partnered with The Axis Agency along with its sister agency Weber Shandwick to create a fully integrated marketing and advertising campaign.

Campaign objective is to increase health care enrollment of uninsured Californians by:

·       Quickly raising awareness of the new Covered California brand, as the official, objective source for finding affordable health care coverage

·       Educating audiences – who are very diverse - about the new insurance rules

·       Driving uninsured Californians to the Covered California site to find, compare and enroll in coverage

Agency developed a three tiered messaging approach:

·       “Welcome” & “Bienvenidos” establishes the voice, and role, of Covered California.  A sort of health care usher, welcoming you in and guiding you along to a life of greater security and possibility

·       “That Covered Feeling” & “Tengo un plan” reflects on the emotional impact that affordable health care will give to those who now find it within reach

·       “He’s Covered, She’s Covered” & “Están Cubiertos” is a reflection back of a community of people who didn’t have health insurance and who now do


The Spanish-language advertising campaign is currently running in 11 DMA's throughout the state.  The campaign includes television, radio, print, OOH, direct mail, digital and collateral.  

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