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Nourishing Self Care

Healthy Eating Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive: 14 Cost-Cutting Tips

10/11/2021 06:00am | 1828 views

By Rachael Link

Many people believe that you have to spend lots of money to eat healthy. However, that doesn’t have to be the case.

On the contrary, the cost of not-so-healthy fast food, convenience meals, and snacks can stack up pretty quickly and become very expensive over time.

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Behavioral Tendencies

White, Black and Hispanic Americans retire early for different reasons

01/09/2021 06:00am | 2139 views

By Kate Dore

Almost half of Americans may leave the workforce earlier than expected. While white workers may have the means to retire early, Black workers are more likely to depart sooner due to health issues.

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How To Help Siblings Get Along Better

28/05/2021 06:00am | 2169 views


Sibling rivalry is often taken as an unexamined fact of family life — as much a part of parenting as potty training or bedtime storie


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Parenting Skills Can Have Huge Payoffs

24/05/2021 06:00am | 5192 views


If someone took a poll on what supports good mental health, it’s likely this concept would make the list: “Have two great parents who love you.”

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How to Help Kids Adapt to the Chaos That is Hybrid Learning

23/04/2021 06:00am | 1134 views

“Hybrid learning” has become a blanket term for the many ways students are experiencing school right now amid the coronavirus pandemic: in-person students with remote teachers, remote students with in-person teachers, kids rotating between school and home by week or day. It’s a system that assumes students can juggle the logistics of returning to school under new circumstances and learning at home, which, for kids in the midst of brain development plus pandemic stress, has the potential to quickly feel like too much to handle. (Changes based on positive coronavirus cases, local outbreaks and related health ordinances can add another layer of stress for parents, students and teachers.)

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