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What I Do

I guide City of Hope’s efforts to identify and appropriately address health inequities in the cities and neighborhoods we serve.

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Why I Do It

I’ve always lived surrounded by many cultures and diverse income levels. The heartstring of what I do and how I live in the world is through this multicultural lens, and I enjoy finding community-led solutions to issues.

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My Big Career Moment

One beautiful moment happened while pastors came together to offer what they could to meet community needs: a parking lot for a health fair, training for driving a backhoe. I loved being there while they met real, immediate needs.

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Planting Seeds of Health and Fulfillment

29/06/2022 06:00am | 1649 views

The seeds of good health are planted long before we start counting calories or blending greens for smoothies. Likewise, the seeds of a life mission are planted well before we know who we are or what we might contribute to the world.

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About the mentor

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Nancy Clifton-Hawkins

Director of Community Benefit
City Of Hope

Nancy Clifton-Hawkins is a seasoned public health professional with a unique ability to transcend cultural boundaries and provide program deliverables in the most culturally sensitive and appropriate manner. As director of community benefit for City of Hope, she leads the organization’s efforts to appropriately address health inequities of the most vulnerable communities within its Southern California service area.

She started her career in the Peace Corps, working in Thailand for three years in her 20s. As an agricultural extension agent, partnering with a nutritionist, she experienced the value of building community and honoring someone’s culture as a way of helping people live healthy lives. She has applied that philosophy throughout a career of promoting public health. 

She has two master’s degrees from Loma Linda University: in public health promotion and education, and in global health. She worked inside a healthcare agency before starting her own business providing public health program planning, evaluation and curriculum design as a consultant. In Southern California she has worked extensively in the Vietnamese, Cambodian, Laotian, Mexican, South and Central American, Black American, and White American communities. She welcomes any work effort that places her in a position to work collaboratively with country nationals to build programs that are both appropriate and sustainable.