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What I do

I manage the Office of the President and CEO at City of Hope. I once read: A good executive assistant is like an air traffic controller! That’s me. I do what I can so my executive can use his time efficiently.

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Why I do it

A great executive assistant has a servant’s heart. I’m always taking care of people. It’s rewarding. I like helping people – whether it’s coworkers, community members or patients – and I like having people rely on me.

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My Big Career Moment

I worked at Children’s Hospital in various roles, and there were a few years when I sometimes served as a translator in the clinic. I wasn’t the doctor, but I was part of the team. It felt good to give hope to someone in need.

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Organizer-In-Chief – Doing 100 Things Well, Always With a Smile

18/09/2019 06:00am | 3642 views

By Kim Perez

If you ever need to interact with the President and CEO of City of Hope, most likely you will encounter Olga Yero first. And you’ll be glad you did.

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About the mentor

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Olga Yero

Assistant to the President and CEO
City of Hope

Olga is a driven professional with over 25 years experience in managing, planning and supporting operational and administrative functions. At City of Hope, Olga provides comprehensive support for executive level staff effectively using her ability to plan, analyze and execute on a broad range of administrative projects. A detail oriented professional with excellent written and oral communication skills, Olga’s great interpersonal skills, strong focus on customer satisfaction, and decision making skills have made her exceptional at streamlining business processes to achieve efficiency and organizational objectives in today’s fast paced environments.

Olga Yero is married to her high school sweetheart and is celebrating their 31st wedding anniversary in 2019. Olga’s family is everything to her: They have two sons (Armando and Andy) and two dogs (Frida and Marley). She loves traveling, cooking and entertaining friends and family. She also likes taking long walks to clear her mind. Olga is a firm believer that being loving and kind spreads love and kindness!