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What I Do

I oversee medical operations at two Banfield hospitals. My goal is to work together with clients in caring for your loved ones and to provide the highest quality preventive medicine.

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Why I Do It

Veterinary medicine is always an adventure. The most mundane case may actually end up being a fun “zebra” – an interesting, complicated case.

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My Big Career Moment

Transitioning from associate doctor to chief of staff was exciting. I’ve always been a leader and I love individual development. With this role I realized I can provide guidance and have an impact on doctors’ careers.

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Helping Animals Brings Personal and Professional Rewards

14/11/2018 12:00am | 3942 views

As she embarked on her quest to become a veterinarian, it seemed to Jovanna Radillo that she was behind from the start. She had to work her way through college, so she got a late start accruing the 3,500 hours of experience with animals needed in order to apply for veterinary school. 

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About Our Associates

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Jovanna Radillo

Banfield Pet Hospital

Dr. Jovanna Radillo ischief of staff at two Banfield hospitals, where she leads a combined team of nine doctors. She is in charge of developing doctors, ensuring that quality medicine is practiced, and developing leadership skills in her team, which includes doctors and associates. She is a community mentor at UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine Communication Labs, helping veterinary students develop the communication skills that will be used in their careers.

She earned her bachelor’s degree in evolution and ecology, along with a minor in comparative literature, from University of California, Davis. Then she earned a master’s degree in public policy and administration at Sacramento State, before going back to UC Davis for veterinary school. Her professional interests include behavior and ophthalmology. She was born and raised in Los Angeles and is a first-generation Mexican American.

Dr. Radillo is the only person in California who has both a doctorate of veterinary medicine and a master’s in public policy and administration. That rare combination means that she can eventually bring non-profit veterinary services into low-income communities, or even lobby the government on behalf of veterinarians or for pet-friendly policies.