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What I Do

I take care of pets, I teach kids how to care for their pets, and I support and guide veterinarians to help them protect pets from contagious diseases.

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Why I Do It

I love animals. I was eight years old when I got my first cat, Tabitha. After just a few months I already loved Tabitha so much I knew I wanted to always take care of pets.

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My Big Career Moment

One day, I was walking out of biology class and I remember thinking: “Man, I’ve always loved this stuff – life sciences, cellular material, DNA. Living things are so amazing.” That’s when I knew: I’m going to be a veterinarian.

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When You Love What You Do, Your Work Becomes a Mission

14/11/2018 01:00am | 3928 views

Andrea Sanchez was eight years old when she got her first cat, Tabitha.

After just a few months, she already loved Tabitha so much she decided she wanted to be able to give back to pets for the rest of her life. 

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About Our Associates

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Andrea Sanchez

DVM, Senior Manager of Operations Support
Banfield Pet Hospital

Dr. Andrea Sanchez serves as a senior manager of veterinary policies and standards for Banfield Pet Hospital. In this role, she writes and revises procedures that help Banfield maintain quality and coordinates with PetSmart to help protect pets from contagious diseases. She has been a veterinarian in small animal general practice since 2007.

Dr. Sanchez also volunteers to provide wellness care to pets in need through preventive care clinics benefiting pets of homeless and low-income pet owners. She is an active volunteer and serves as a member of the grant-selection committee for the Banfield Better Together Fund, sits on the board of the Portland Animal Welfare (PAW) Team, and has led veterinary teams on annual trips to underserved neighborhoods across the U.S. and Puerto Rico. In addition to providing free veterinary care to more than 1,000 pets in need, she and her colleagues have worked to teach empathy for pets and responsible pet ownership to thousands of schoolchildren. 

Dr. Sanchez earned her veterinary degree from Oregon State University College of Veterinary Medicine after graduating from Vassar College. She is the proud pet owner of three rescue pets: cats Danny and Felix, and dog Frankie.