Career Mentors

How the Right Mentors and a Courageous Mom Enabled My Journey from the Barrios to the Laboratory

23/01/2014 04:02pm | 12830 views

I was born in the barrios of Tijuana, Mexico, a neighborhood riddled with extreme poverty and violence.

With my father gone, my mother was left to raise my two sisters and me on her own. She worked as a maid and cook, but these jobs were not enough to make ends meet. Soon she realized Tijuana was not an ideal place to raise her children. For that reason, in 1998, my mother made the decision to migrate from Baja California, Mexico to southern California, USA. 

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Mentoring the Next Generation of Hispanics for Careers in Healthcare, Science, and Medicine

29/11/2013 10:16pm | 12334 views

A “mentor” is an experienced and trusted advisor. A “mentee” is an individual who is advised by a mentor. As mentors, we help others by sharing our seasoned experiences. As mentees, our mentors give us a glimpse of our future. But what happens when there are not enough health professional mentors?

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